About Us

About Us

Whom you align yourself with, How you do it, and more importantly Why you do it, will impact every aspect of your life both personally & professionally. 


Our brand is all about creating unique partnerships that will yield remarkable results, just as our name implies.  As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on knowing our customers and providing a high level of personal service.  


With so much of our communication being virtual now, the face-to-face meeting that so many of us relied upon to "get a  read on the situation" or a "gut feeling" about someone is becoming more & more difficult.


It is even more important than ever before that the connections we do make are not only authentic but also mutually beneficial. This is why we only work with a select group of Alliance Partners to provide customized solutions with extraordinary results.

Yes, the company name is a bit long, especially in a # society, but we selected the words and the logo because of how well they embody Who we are, What we do & Why we do it!  


Extraordinary is defined as Remarkable, Exceptional, Amazing, Incredible, Phenomenal, Unique & Monumental. Alliances are Mutually Beneficial Partnerships, Connections, Affiliations & Associations. The Starfish Logo symbolizes Creativity, Innovation, Strength & Resilience. 


Starfish literally make their mark wherever they go by creating a unique path in the sand.  They possess a heightened sense of awareness, and easily adapt to changes in their environment, making adjustments & overcoming obstacles along the way.  In fact, when they experience a setback, they not only rise to the challenge, but are able to reinvent themselves if needed. They literally have the ability to grown a new limb. Talk about being Resilient!                 

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